5 Signs That Your Freezer Room Is Starting to Fail

If you’re operating a walk-in freezer, you can’t afford a catastrophic breakdown, not when this environment is responsible for storing spoilable food, pharmaceutical products, or some other temperature-sensitive product. In the real world, we employ preventative maintenance strategies and advanced troubleshooting procedures. Better yet, we recognise certain important breakdown telltales. Here are 5 telltales that […]

Benefits of Quality Coolroom and Freezer Construction

Many gold-standard adjectives come to mind when high-quality coolroom and freezer construction techniques are employed. Efficient is the first one, then there’s capable and user-friendly, two more descriptive attributes that determine quality. However, we’ve no time to talk about grammatical ambiguities, not when there are practical benefits to describe. Starting with reliable commodity storage, what […]

Services for Demolition and Disposal of Obsolete Refrigeration Equipment: What is it all about?

Refrigeration equipment replacement procedures are quite unlike any other mechanical renovation project. The new system installs without issue, so that’s not the problem. No, it’s the obsolete refrigeration equipment that hinders the cleanup stage, because these discarded parts can’t just be tossed on a scrap heap. Don’t worry, there are services for the demolition of […]

Applications of Laboratory Freezers for Biological Products and Medicines

Advanced control systems occupy state-of-the-art laboratory freezers. Inside each one, microprocessors control the temperature so that the cabinet environment remains within a slender tolerance range. The scientific attributes of every unit include enhanced storage layouts, humidity management systems, and a number of functions that target sample protection. Don’t take our word for it, though, not […]