The Vital Role of Coolrooms and Freezers in the Preservation of Freshness in Different Products

When in the restaurant or grocery business, coolrooms and freezers play a vital role in the preservation of the freshness of various products. While the temperature range of coolrooms is sufficient for protecting fresh produce and meats for a short period of time, other products require the colder temperatures that freezers provide foods. In the following information, you will discover the reasons to keep these refrigeration systems running correctly at all times.

The Proper Temperatures Prevent Bacteria

In the coolrooms, temperatures are above freezing at least two-degrees Celsius and no higher than five-degrees Celsius. Temperatures in this range will slow the bacteria growth on food items. Fresh produce, meat, dairy products and leftovers stay edible longer at these temperatures. Freezers, on the other hand, maintain foods at temperatures below zero-degrees Celsius to stop bacterial growth from ever starting in foods in the first place. For this reason, you can store frozen foods safely over the long term.

You Will Maintain the Quality of the Food with the Help of Refrigeration

Your business prospers when you install and maintain high-quality refrigeration systems since your customers will appreciate the freshness of the foods that they receive or purchase from your establishment. Since you store all the foods at the right temperature, they retain their freshness and flavour that your customers are in search of when they enter your establishment.

Coolrooms and Freezers Reduce Waste and Spoilage

As a result of using quality freezers and coolrooms, you will reduce waste and spoilage with your foods. If you are disposing of spoiled food too often, it is time to examine your refrigeration equipment to discover whether or not it is working correctly. Actually, you should stay up on top of this even before you lose an excessive amount of food.

Spend Less Money Restocking Food

Through proper refrigeration methods, you reduce waste and spoilage as we mentioned above, and this fact helps you spend less money restocking food. You receive a higher return on your investment in your stock, which in turn, leads to higher profits. With the additional funds from the profits, you can invest in other areas of your business.

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