Maintenance and Safety Checks for Coolrooms and Freezers

In the food industry, coolrooms and freezers are of the utmost importance to ensure that the food inside of them stays at the ideal temperature for safe consumption by consumers. The only way to guarantee that these refrigeration units will operate in an optimum manner is to hire professionals to perform periodic maintenance and safety checks on them. When you do this, you will catch minor issues before they turn into major ones that may close down a freezer or coolroom temporarily until an expert performs the necessary repairs. Below, you will discover a sampling of what these periodic checks cover for your refrigeration units.

1. Periodic Checks Ensure Temperature Accuracy

A professional will first check the accuracy of the temperature in your units to ensure that the thermostat is working in a proper manner. When there is an inaccuracy in this area, it may be time for a new thermostat.

2. Routine Checks Catch Issues with the Condenser

One of the most important parts of these units is the condenser, and it is a coil at the bottom of your coolroom or freezer. A visual exam will detect whether or not the coils require cleaning, repairing or replacing.

3. A Refill for the Refrigerant Levels When Necessary

Your units can use up all their refrigerant over time or if there is a problem with the line, it can leak from the unit. Professionals will check this level and refill it when necessary to ensure that your freezer or coolroom stays operational without locking up from too little refrigerant.

4. Inner Workings Receive Lubrication

The inner workings of the motor will receive lubrication to ensure that all the gears and other parts move without friction. This will help the units operate in an effective and quiet manner.

5. Professionals Examine Pipes for Leaks or Clogs

The drain system of your coolroom or freezer will siphon off the condensation to ensure it does not build up to cause issues. Professionals will examine the pipes of this system to ensure there are no leaks or clogs in them.

6. Rewiring to Replace Frayed Wires

If the wiring is frayed in any area of the freezer or coolroom, the professionals will rewire to repair the issue. You must never neglect the wiring when it starts to show wear since this can cause a fire or outage of your unit.

The above are just a sampling of the items that periodic maintenance and safety checks for coolrooms and freezers encompass. Turn to Colda for further information on this topic or for products and services.